Self Guided Tours

A Word about Self-Guided Tours:
For Driving Tours, Driving Directions will be provided, so you can drive at your own pace.
Estimated Times include the time you’ll spend at the attraction once you get there. Estimated mileage includes routes chosen to avoid highways. Shorter routes may be available via highways.

Two “Group Drives” are on the official schedule. These include a competitive tour/rally/drive to Cripple Creek and the drive to Royal Gorge/Skyline Drive in Canon City. These drives are actually self-guided tours, but allow you to catch up with other GT-47 participants along the way.

Self-Guided Tours feature some of the best attractions in the area. Many require separate admission fees not covered in your GT-47 event registration fees. Each of the attractions are listed below, along with a link to their admissions page. Important – some attractions may require/strongly suggest advance ticket purchase in order to ensure you can get in. You’ll be visiting during peak tourist season, so we don’t want you to be disappointed.

Of course there are dozens of other attractions that are worth a visit, most all within a few minutes’ drive from the hotel. Click here.