Tech Sessions

Ted Ax on Tuning your MG for Altitude

Back in the day, Cars were tuned for running at altitude. While your SU carbs are robust, Ted demonstrates how easy it is to tweak your MG for optimal performance while visiting the Mile High State.

Ex-186 – MG’s LeMans Car

Spend time with Joe and Cathy Gunderson, stewards of EX-186, the racing prototype developed by MG to run at LeMans. Equipped with the venerable twin cam engine, Ex-186 was spirited off to America before it could turn a wheel in competition. Learn the fascinating story of its escape from the scrapyard, its life on the West Coast, and its careful restoration by the Gundersons.

John Twist’s Rolling Tech Session

You, know him, you love him. John Twist has dedicated most of his adult life to the repair, preservation and improvement of MGs. Join him on the hotel grounds for a rolling tech session where he diagnoses nagging problems with participants’ cars, and, quite often, fixes them on the spot.

MGA Electrical systems – Explanation and Fault Finding: Moss Motors On the Road With Kelvin Dodd

Kelvin Dodd is Global Sourcing Product Coordinator and Technical Lead for Moss Motors

Topics covered – Charging systems, turn signal relay, wiring harness installation, model changes, upgrades. There will be time for question and answers at the end of the power point presentation. If you have a specific electrical system issue you would like covered, please drop Kelvin an e-mail at: Please reference GT-47.

The Non-Tech Tech Session

No technical car talk allowed! Join us to paint and decorate MG ornaments and cookies. No expertise or credentials needed, other than artistic license. And that’s negotiable.

Martin Willis on Strange Repairs

Martin Willis has been active in motorsport since 1989, fabricating racing parts and providing engineering support for teams involved in the Speed Challenge, the Daytona 24hrs, and the 12 hours of Sebring race. Martin served as Technical Director for several racing series in the U.S., including DIRT Motorsports and The World of Outlaws late model series in the mid-2000s. During the heat of competition, things need to get fixed fast. Martin describes some of his best (and weirdest) quick fixes to get cars back on track.

Duct Tape, Baling Wire and Other Emergency Fixes

Join our Hagerty Livestream with Q&A Hosted by NAMGAR’s Bruce Woodson.