Things to Do, Cont.

The National Museum of WWII Aviation is a scheduled GT-47 event. Please see the official calendar for more details.

The National Museum of WW II Aviation features a fine collection of 16 vintage warbirds on site, both working and undergoing restoration.  The museum just moved to a new 40,000 SF facility, which includes an extensive restoration shop.  The GT-47 tour the shop and museum is on the event schedule.
Among the working aircraft you’ll find a Lockheed P-38 Lightning, a pair of Grumman Tigercats, a P-47D Thunderbolt and a North American B-25 Mitchell, similar to the bomber flown by Jimmy Doolittle in his 1942 raid on Tokyo.  The facility also maintains an archive of more than 3,000 artifacts from the period.  

U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum

Are you a fan of the Olympics? This is the only US Olympics museum in the United States. The museum is on the campus of the US Olympic complex, which includes the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee Headquarters, 20+ National Olympic Governing Bodies, more than 50 National Sport Organizations, and the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. The USOC Training Center also hosts tours so you can see where and how our athletes work towards Olympic Gold.

Old Colorado City

Just minutes away from our host hotel, Old Colorado City is the perfect blend of small town charm and historic character that makes this destination a favorite of both tourists and locals alike.  You can shop ‘til you drop at over 100 unique businesses perfect for strolling the day away down the beautiful, brick, tree-lined sidewalks. Fine galleries, specialty shops, eclectic boutiques, award-winning restaurants, charming local art galleries and other services offer hours of entertainment. During the evening, enjoy live music and performances from some of the pubs and restaurants as well as some of the country’s best local beer, wine and spirits.

Cave of the Winds

Cave of the Winds is located in Williams Canyon, a few miles northwest of Colorado Springs near the town of Manitou Springs. 
Because of its size and impressive collection of mineral formations, Cave of the Winds remains one of the most popular tourist attractions in Colorado. The cave has been an active tourist destination since 1881. 
Between four and seven million years ago, the 500 million-year-old limestone formation that houses the cave lay below the water table. Rainwater and carbon dioxide formed an acidic mixture on the surface and began eroding the sensitive limestone.  More water seeped into these pockets, eroding more limestone and gradually carving out the many rooms and passageways that remain accessible today. The cave’s mineral deposits, in the form of stalactites and stalagmites, began forming after the water table dropped and the cave filled with oxygen. Flowstone is also present. Resembling frozen waterfalls, flowstone appears to flow like a curtain along the side of a cavern or passage. 

School-age brothers John and George Pickett are credited with discovering the cave in 1880, though its believed that Ute and Apache tribes knew about it for centuries before then, and that the cave was considered sacred, the home of the Great Spirit of the Wind.  
Today, Cave of the Winds consists of10,765 feet of surveyed passageways, a large portion of which is open to the public.   Guided group tours are available daily.

Penrose Heritage Museum

Just a short stroll from the Golden Bee is the Penrose Heritage Museum. View the museum’s collection of 15 race cars that have participated in the Race to the Clouds, one of the oldest motorsport events in the U.S., second only to the Indianapolis 500. Included in the collection is the first motorized vehicle to climb the mountain and digitized video dating back to the first running in 1916 that tells the story of the race and the development of the Pikes Peak Highway.

Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy

If you’re into bronco busting or bull riding, you might want to visit the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy, located across the street from the host hotel. The rodeo holds a special place in the heart of American culture, inspiring songs, movies, books and art. Learn about the sport’s historical beginning and what contestants must go through in order to become champions.  Cowboys and cowgirls are equally honored by the museum, due to their direct impact on the founding of the West.

Hillside Gardens

Hillside is a beautiful botanical garden overlooking Pikes Peak and the Front Range.

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